Our Mission

To design and manufacture electronic device accessories that simplify your life. No cords necessary.
Prong is passionate about helping you cut the cord. Founded in 2012 by two guys who were sick of carrying around their phone chargers, Jesse Pliner and Lloyd Gladstone developed a better way for people to use and charge cellphones. 

Prong's flagship product, PocketPlug, became the world's first mobile phone case that plugs right into the wall, eliminating the need for traditional phone chargers. Praised by publications like the New York Times, Washington Post, CNET, Gizmodo and Engadget, the Prong founders knew they were on to something big. They continued to innovate, gain support, and fine-tune the design. They quickly realized what would take their idea to the next level: a battery.  

In 2015, Prong introduced the PWR Case, which features a detachable battery and built-in plugs. The PWR Case not only provides up to 100% more battery power, it untethers people from outlets; when you need to recharge, you can plug in the case and keep the phone with you.

An obsession for details and a decision to source only the highest-quality materials have helped create products that customers rave about. But don’t take it from us, try Prong for yourself. 

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