8 Tech Stories to Know Today
04 Jan 2017
Here’s a quick run-down of the most talked about headlines in the tech industry today.  Apple Dominates the Holiday Season  Once again, Apple devices took charge in the highest percentage of activations during the week leading up to Christmas day and the first day of Hanukkah.  Tech Challenges In Europe From Apple to Amazon, U.S. Tech heavy-weights will be facing a heavy load of difficulties in Europe this year. Data Nightmares Contrary to popular belief, privacy has become an increasingly scary issue. Moral of the story is; your data isn’t safe. Here..
3 People to Gift the Power of a Prong PWR Case
21 Dec 2016
It’s the most wonderful time of the year…so they say. While children are laughing and carolers are singing, the grown-ups are stressed to the extreme. With tons of holiday parties to attend and work still to be done, it seems as though there’s little to no time left to finish what truly matters this season: shopping. Luckily for you, Prong’s PWR Case is the perfect gift for almost anyone. It’s easy to use, convenient, comes in four clean colors, and is truly the definition of the gift that keeps on giving. If your head’s still spinning and you’re still not quite sure who you can give this amaz..
3 Ways Your Prong PWR Case Will Help You Win Black Friday
22 Nov 2016
The most ruthless, chaotic, and competitive day of the year is quickly approaching— Black Friday. Shoppers all over the country are preparing for a full day of shoving, swiping, and screaming as they challenge themselves to check every item off their holiday list. The thought of the madness to come might be causing you anxiety already. To help ease your stress, we’ve put together a list of ways that Prong's PWR Case will help calm all of your nerves and still allow you to own Black Friday. Save that cash money  All of your favorites brands and stores will be sending out push notific..
17 Nov 2016
One of the most strenuous jobs in the fall is being a football fanatic, especially on a Sunday. Staying true to your commitment to your sport becomes one of the most difficult tasks to uphold when you have other obligations that are non-negotiable. Luckily, smartphones give us real-time access to all things football. As long as you can multitask, you can easily keep up with every game, player, and fantasy league you’re a part of. Despite the fact that this seems ideal, it becomes a huge source of frustration once your phone dies and there's no outlet within reach.   This occurrenc..
25 Oct 2016
iPhones have a tendency to die at the most inopportune moments. When you need to check an email or contact someone, that 10% low battery message seems to always suddenly appear on cue. The struggle to maintain your battery’s life becomes oh so real as you panic to lower your phone’s brightness, close out of apps, and shut off data. You're left feeling utterly frustrated as you search high and low to find an outlet— if you’re even lucky enough to have remembered to bring your cord in the first place.  We’ve all been there. That’s why we built Prong’s PWR Case—to save you ..
17 Oct 2016
Nothing is worse than when your phone dies in the midst of the perfect Snapchat. You’re left feeling disgruntled and empty, knowing that you had such valuable content at the tip of your fingertips and it disappeared in the blink of an eye. How are your followers supposed to know that you were raging at the Beyoncé concert, or got box seats to the Mets-Giants Wildcard game? Unfortunately, many of our favorite apps can be your battery’s worst nightmare. Despite these apps giving us great pleasure, they’re also sucking the life out of our iPhone batteries, causing unwanted anxiety in our lives. H..
How to use your PWR case: The Beauty of Built-In Plugs
26 Apr 2016
You know that sick feeling you get in your stomach when your iPhone is on 5% and you don’t have a charger? First, you close all of the apps on your iPhone, which doesn’t do anything but why take the chance? You need to salvage as much battery as possible. Stretching the battery to last as long as you need is going to be harder than the one you did at Bikram yoga this morning. It’s time to stop feeling sick.  Less is more, especially when it comes to charging your phone. Why use a separate charger and cord if you don’t have to?  The Prong PWR case has a built-in plug that pops ..
How to Use the PWR Case: Attachment Issues
03 Mar 2016
The PWR case is different from all other iPhone battery cases and chargers on the market, which means that people aren’t always familiar with the variety of ways to use it.  That’s why we’re writing a series of blog posts on tips for getting the most out of your PWR case. Tip #1: Don’t have attachment issues Although the PWR case attaches to your phone, there will be times when you want to detach it.  Specifically, when your battery is running low but you still need to use your phone.  With the PWR case, you can charge your battery without waiting to use your phone or..
How to get in the Holiday Spirit: Tips from the movie Elf
22 Dec 2015
How to get in the Holiday Spirit: Tips from the movie Elf Credit:   If you ask any kid, the best time of year is December when the holidays are in full swing.  There’s presents to look forward to, time off school, and enough sweets to sustain a month-long sugar buzz.  The holidays are a magical time of year, but sometimes it’s harder to feel that magic as an adult.  This year, we’re sharing a few tips from Buddy the Elf to help you get in the holiday spirit.     1: Cook a meal that represents the four main food groups: candy, ca..
Prong Holiday Gift Guide
16 Dec 2015
  2015 Holiday Gift Guide   We have a love-hate relationship with holiday shopping.  We love giving gifts to family and friends, but finding the right gifts is hard work!  This year, we’re making shopping easier for you by sharing some of our favorite things, as well as gifts from our own wish lists.  But here’s a warning – you might end up wanting some of these for yourself!   Jay Bird X2 Wireless Buds     $179.95 These wireless headphones dramatically improved the way we listen to music.  They fit comfortably, sta..
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